What you need to know when gifting employees

Employees are your biggest assets. If it weren’t for them there is no way you would be able to achieve the things that you or your company has achieved today. So gifting them is only a normal practice that many do. However, the trick in gifting right is to know how to gift them. So here are some tips to help you out.

Buy for everyone

We are only human, so it is natural that regardless of how many people are surrounded by us, we have that one person we favor over the others.

However, as an employer it is essential that you absolutely avoid having such favorites as it could only lead to complications that cannot be easily solved with corporate gifts ideas. So, if you are gifting someone or considering the idea of gifting, don’t limit it to just one person unless of course it is a gift that he deserved like one for the ‘Employee of the Month’. But if it is a random gift that you are gifting, make sure you either gift all or none!

Be fair with the gifts

If your company is a small one with a few employees you can definitely afford to give personalized gifts, and that is encouraged as well. but if it were huge with many employees working, then personalizing is sort of challenging. However, keep in mind that even though personalized gifts are difficult, whatever that you gift is at least similar in value and not one person has something that is much more expensive than another’s. So, no Rolex watch for Matt and a torch for Andy!

Find the focus

The focus in any gift that you give your employees shouldn’t be the cost that is incurred on them but the meaning behind it. There might be expensive gifts that you could give someone who already has everything, but there would be no meaning behind it. Similarly you could gift your employee who has little, with something really costly, but if there is no real meaning behind it then the value of the gift only falls to the price and nothing more. So, whenever you are selecting gifts for your employees, focus on meaning and not price!

Wrap it up

Let’s be real, there is no person on this earth who wouldn’t love to unwrap a gift. So even if you are gifting your employees something simple don’t simply just give it to them, instead wrap it up fancily with a little note along with it to show your gratitude and appreciation!

Take the above tips in to account and gift your employees sincerely!

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