Top Tips for Choosing Parts for Your Car

It’s not abnormal to have your car break down once or twice over the years. Most car owners find themselves looking for replacement parts at least once during a vehicle’s lifespan. It’s not that you can just pick any part for the vehicle. It matters that you choose the right part for your car, to ensure both durability and proper functionality. If your car needs replacement parts, here are several tops for purchasing what you need:

Know How Car Parts Differ

Car parts, like most other things, don’t come as new and old. Rather, you can buy car parts in mainly three different types: OEM, genuine, and aftermarket. A genuine car part refers to an original car part. As in it was installed by the factory when the vehicle went up for sale. Genuine car parts are considered the most authentic and best quality parts for any vehicle model. As a result, these parts are the most expensive to purchase. However, it’s important to understand that genuine car parts aren’t necessarily better than other types, mainly because these parts are often made by third-party companies and not the original car manufacturer.

The car parts approved by the original car manufacturer are known as OEM parts. These Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are recommended by the car maker for various models. The advantage here is that these parts are just as good as the original factory parts, but cost less. It’s highly recommended to purchase OEM parts for the most important parts of your car. For example, if you are looking for new tyres Perth, you should aim to look for OEM bran suggested for your car’s model.

Aftermarket car parts are often used parts or parts made by a third-party not approved by the original car maker. These parts are often the cheapest to purchase. Aftermarket parts are considered of lesser quality compared to genuine or OEM parts. But this may not always be true. You can refer to a professional mechanic and decide which types of parts are best for your vehicle.

 Look through Your Car Owner’s Manual for Recommendations

Want to know which car parts best suit your vehicle? Then the best place to look is the owner’s manual that came with the car. It’s would have information you need for replacing most parts, though not all. You can also go to the car maker’s website or submit and inquiry for recommended parts. It’s best to choose the parts the car maker suggests because these are the parts that best suited the model of your vehicle.

Don’t Ignore Mechanic Recommendations Either

The model of your car is not the only factor that matters when it comes to finding a replacement part. The vehicle’s age matters too. That’s why you should listen to advice from mechanics as well. If your car is years old, there might be components currently available that’s better for your vehicle than what an old manual recommends. Your mechanic can give you this advice after assessing how old the vehicle is.

Set your budget only after listening to recommendations. When replacing a car part, you really get what you pay, as the old adage goes. Know when to spend money and when not to in order to ensure you get a working part for your vehicle.

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