Tips To Prevent Theft in the Workplace

You could be working in a multinational company or be a part of a small start-up firm, one thing that you will definitely witness in the workplace, irrespective of the standard and size is theft. It is quite common for such scenes to occur at workplaces. Be it the loss of one’s personal belongings or the loss of the company, there is no escaping such issues. However, one can take several measures to minimize the theft that takes place in the workplace. Here are a few tips that will help sort out this issue.

Identify the Cause of Theft

Before you start implementing rules to decrease the occurrence of theft, it is important to find out the motive behind such actions. If you get an indication or information regarding an individual’s personal issue such as an addiction or a major debt, then it’s important to keep such employees under the radar as they may have a strong motive to make some extra money by stealing. However, the other employees must be monitored at all times too. Apart from this, find out what is making it so easy for them to steal. It could be the lack of control in the financial department or poor management too.

Ensure Security of Personal Belongings

Sometimes, theft does not occur only in the accounts department or stealing from the company’s stock. Quite often, it also happens to be stealing from other employees. It can be quite tempting to steal that shiny new watch hanging from the bag of the co-worker who you hate so much. Therefore, in order to avoid making the workplace an unsafe place to be in, make sure you have individual office lockers for all the employees to store their personal belongings in. This way, they can peacefully work without constantly worrying about losing their belongings.

Implement Strict Access Control

One of the main reasons why employees tend to steal from their workplace is because they get the opportunity to do so. Make sure that employees are not given easy access to all parts of the building. Certain areas must be restricted and employees must not be given the chance to access these restricted area under any circumstances. Ensure that password control locks are installed in these areas and only specific employees can be granted permission to enter these places. Apart from this, make sure the employees are monitored at all times so that they think twice before carrying out any misconduct. Install security cameras in every area so that any misconduct is recorded and can be produced as proof in case the need for it arises.

Reducing theft in the workplace should be one of the top priorities of the company as this can have a major negative impact on the work environment and the other aspects such as the overall turnover of the company too. Therefore, make sure you look into this issue and sort it out before things get out of hand as it can ruin the reputation of your company.

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