How to Properly Raise a Healthy and Happy Puppy?

One exciting moment in a person’s life is getting their very own little puppy. Not only are they little bundles of joy and fluff, but they are also one of the most loyal friends you will ever have in your lifetime. But raising one, though enjoyable, can be quite nerve-racking and difficult especially if it is your first time. So, to help you out, here are five tips on how to properly raise a healthy and happy puppy.

Prepare a Safe and Interesting Environment

Two things to think about when raising a puppy is that: One, they are still babies so; they will need a lot of nurturing and taking care of. Make sure the environment is a safe place to be in. And two, they are quite the little adventurers so, it is best to give them the time and space to be up and about. Give them a little time outdoors exploring and seeing the world. This is how they learn and grow.

Feed them the Right Kind and Right Amount of Food

Next thing to think about is that puppies consume quite a lot of food, most especially if they are big dog breeds. So one way on how to properly raise a puppy is by feeding them right. And when I say “right”, I mean the right kind of food given in the right quantities. There are specific dog food for puppies based on their breed and age. It is best though to consult a vet on what to feed them and how many. Make sure that they also have a fresh stack of clean water nearby.

Patiently teach them Potty Training

Now, one thing so dreaded by those who own puppies are cleaning up after their mess. They are still babies after all so; they are unaware of where to properly do their business. So, it your job as their mama or papa to teach them a bit of potty training. You can take them out on certain times of the day to discipline them on where and when to go.

Enthusiastically Train them about Obedience and Tricks

Puppies can be quite rambunctious and naughty. But hey, that’s just a show of their naturally curious personalities. But do keep in mind that it isn’t all that good to let them stay that way so, while they are still young, take them to a professional trainer and have them get dog training Gold Coast. You can let them undergo obedience training and even teach them how to do a trick or two. Who knows, your pup might be the next animal star in Got Talent.

Show them that Bath Time is a Fun Experience

Another difficult thing to make puppies do is stay still during bath time. Although, there are exceptions when you are dealing with dog breeds who love water. But usually, it really is difficult to have a peaceful bath time. So, to take control of the situation, show them that bath time isn’t all that bad. You can have toys around while bathing them.

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