How To Pick The Right Design For The Right Theme In Lighting?

Lighting is everything, a cliché but absolutely true. Lighting affects the atmosphere and sets the mood of the space, therefore, get it right and it will set the whole look and improve the interior immensely.

Wall lights are used for three main purposes. Style, Security, and Outdoor Tasks. Make sure to keep these functions in mind before purchasing. You want to get the best out of the deal.

Modern/ Contemporary

A huge variety of designs for exterior wall lights is available today. No matter what style your interior décor is, there is a wall mounted and fashionable light is in store for you.

Modern is a balance between clean lines and a cozy accent. Find lights that provide the right sophisticated but minimal feel. Usually produced from stainless steel or s silver material to provide a modern feel. A modern themed house, this is it. Sconce and Wall mounts complement the look well. However, you can always opt for a bold and out of the box idea.


If you have a traditional style home you definitely want the outdoor light fixtures to match too. Lantern Style is popularly used to achieve this feel. However, do not limit yourself to it. Explore and find the most perfect and unique one.

Cottage/ Country

A friendly vibe that can be achieved through casual furnishing but fun colors. To achieve a charming, homey cottage look go for barn lights and lantern style exterior lights. Country style is very warm and welcoming. Make sure the lights accentuate both.

Rustic/ Lodge

There are many lanterns that incorporate the rustic/ lodge-y style. Try customizing your own to emphasize the causality and elegance of the theme. But you can also find a variety of readymade ones that are ready to do the job.

French Country

A balance of antique furnishings, floral fabrics, rustic details, and gilded accents. To complement the theme further use wall lights that complement the style and also serves a purpose. The perfect blend of elegance and vintage looks very classy and appealing, thus, favored by many people.

Mid Century Modern

This style requires a lot of outdoor space and indoor space. If you have this kind of house then the right and purposeful lighting are very necessary. A wall mounted light suits the theme best. Remember: Keep it simple but allow it to alter the atmosphere with a click.


It is very important to make sure your lighting defines your home and not defies it. A very uniquely unique style that deserves the perfect light enhancement. A style that is borrowed from the southwest culture of America.


An industrial style home is an inviting blend of modest, honest, and inviting. A theme that is both modern and not modern. If this is your style then The Jars of Light or Industrial Metal Pulley Wall Light or Industrial Pipe Wall Light might do the job for you. The style of bold and represents the personality of the owner too.

If you are a DIY kind of person then explore and research and try out a couple of new and cool stuff. But if you like to purchase from a store it is always useful to keep the theme and a rough idea of what you want in mind.

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