Decor Items That Can Spice Up Your Living Room

The living room is the central part of our homes. It is where you get to enjoy and relax aside from your bedroom. It where you can watch movies or television shows, do your hobbies such as reading books, play video games or knitting, where you can receive and welcome guests, or listen to some kind of modern or instrumental music. In order for you to have the perfect living room, you must learn how to properly decorate it according to your preference. The following are some of the recommended decorations that you can use to achieve a cozy and aesthetic living room.


Putting up some photos gives a personal touch to any space you are planning to place them. You can use some photo frames to put up photos of yourself, your family members or even your pet. If you are living alone, you can insert group photos with your friends and with your loved ones. Aside from using frames, you can also use a magnetic board or a cork board to add some style. It will also give you some space to stick some notes or any memorable stuff that you have such as postcards or souvenirs.


Placing plants in any corner of your home, whether it is a living indoor plant or a faux plant, definitely makes your space look more comforting and vibrant. Not only it exudes beauty and style, but it also gives you positive energy. If you have a green thumb, you can put real indoor plants inside your living room. Be sure that you place it near a window where it can get enough sunlight every morning and water them every day. But, if you are a person who is not good with handling plants, you may opt to put some faux plants or buy some succulents. These succulents need minimal care because they only need sunlight. Make sure to water them more but less frequently. Create a schedule so you would not get confused.


Cushions are a great addition in your living room if you have a plain couch or chair. These cushions not only give you a stylish look, but they are also functional. You can use them when you want to take a nap; you can use them as back support, or if you simply want something to hug or to hold. Choose and buy cushions according to the comfort they can provide and according to the theme of your living room or how your sofa looks. The highly recommended types are velvet cushions because they add a sophisticated look. These cushions are aesthetically pleasing especially if you have guests over the weekend. They look and feel softer, too.


Rugs may look simple and insignificant, but these can instantly transform a bare-looking space. Rugs define the room and provide warmth and comfort. Remember to pick the right size according to your space and the suitable color scheme to match with your living room and your pieces of furniture.

Fairy Lights

If you are a person who doesn’t like lighting fixtures and lamps that shine too bright, then fairy lights is a perfect addition in your living room. These fairy lights give off a subtle glow which makes the room warmer and more inviting. They come in different shapes and sizes so make sure to pick the right one for your space.

Decorations are necessary not only in the living room but also in any part of our homes. If you want more suggestions, you can always check various websites online to get ideas on how to beautify and achieve your perfect living space.

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