Confessions of a Rugby Fan

There is one thing that a sports fan could not deny, that is if there is a season ticket, you just got to grab and have it. Because for a sports fan nothing brings more excitement and more bliss than watching your favourite sport team play against other teams just feet away from you, where you can really feel hear and go with the liveliness and the zest of having to experience the game in personal and be with your favourite team with each struggle and success or even failure, being there is a great deal and the only way is to have tickets for the season games.

One of the fastest selling tickets is for contact sports, people love full contact sport, and one of it is Rugby, or Australia football. Though many in America may not be a fan of the sport since they have created their own version, but people in Australia are in it and are very proud of their uniquely original sport. And when it comes to the season tickets it may be in a blink of an eye before it sells out so you have to be fast and wise hunting for those tickets. You have to have it first or else you’d be breaking your bank to buy those resold tickets elsewhere.

Here are some few tips in hunting and buying those Australian football league tickets without hurting your wallet.

You Can Wait It Out

Now, this trick is a gamble because you might not get those AFL tickets whenever you need it but the thing with ticket reselling is much more like selling food. The later it is sold the more chances that it will be sold for a cheaper price especially if it is sold on a later date. So you can resort to this and wait until the last hours or minutes before a game to purchase those discounted tickets. But the negative note on this is of course in waiting there is a huge chance that the tickets would be sold out and you’d have to miss out on that opportunity to watch for the season.

See Who’s Playing Who

Teams with a huge fan following would most likely have game tickets which are costlier than those with low standing or low ranking teams. So if you really want to see that game, look out for the opposing team and if it’s a low tier franchise most likely the ticket prices are notably lower than that of higher tier team matches. So go for cheaper tickets with low following and low ranking team match ups.

Be Sure It Comes From A Legitimate Seller

In purchasing AFL game tickets on thing you should remember is that, do not let your emotions get a hold of you. Yes, you might be excited to buy that ticket and watch the game, but remember to buy from legitimate sources so that you won’t get scammed or ripped off in prices. There are so many legitimate ticket outlets out there look for one that’s nearer or which suits you and buy from them.

A hobby is good for everyone so give yourself a favour and buy that ticket and enjoy that game!

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